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Recently I had the opportunity to travel down to California to attend a workshop with Jerry McLaughlin.  Jerry is the impetus and co-author with Rebecca Crowell behind the new (and definitive!) book coming out - Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts and Conversations.  

If you haven't heard of cold wax before - you're not alone - it is not as well known as encaustic wax work.  As the name implies, with cold wax medium you do not use heat with it.  I won't get any further into the technical detail in case you're not as interested in it as I am.  I did however have a wonderful time learning from the proverbial - man who wrote the book on it!   

In some ways the techniques we employed are similar to what I already use in my art practice.  I have many, many layers to a piece.  Even when I am painting representational work - like my bunnies and birds - in the background are layers and layers of crazy colours and textures - often with a bit of paper collaged in. You would be hard-pressed to recognize the finished pieces from their early stages.  If I just started painting that bumblebee straight onto a blank canvas it would never hold my interest in the same way it does with all the little micro-windows of earlier layers peeking on through.

I'd say it is similar with our favourite people.  My favourite are the kind that have a whole history behind them - beautiful and ugly layers (ALL paintings go through an ugly stage!) - and have problem solved and woven it into a beautifully textured life. 

Cold Wax Oil Painting Marnie Joy Erickson

 {This is a work in progress from my time in California with Jerry McLaughlin.}

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