CCAG Spring Show & Sale

Spring has snuck up and now it's that time again!  I will be participating in the Calgary Creative Arts Guild along with 27 other artists.  If you are in town - come on out to say hello and check out our new work.

Calgary Creative Arts Guild Spring Show and Sale 2017

Palo Alto + Cold Wax Wonders

Welcome to the World of Marnie Joy Erickson Art

Recently I had the opportunity to travel down to California to attend a workshop with Jerry McLaughlin.  Jerry is the impetus and co-author with Rebecca Crowell behind the new (and definitive!) book coming out - Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts and Conversations.  

If you haven't heard of cold wax before - you're not alone - it is not as well known as encaustic wax work.  As the name implies, with cold wax medium you do not use heat with it.  I won't get any further into the technical detail...

Calgary Creative Arts Guild Fall Show

Come on out to check out our fall show.  We've got new artists in the group for you to come meet.  Make sure to say 'Hi' if you stop in.  I'll be there all day!

The Doctor Is In

This cheerful fellow - ready to help wherever he can - went home with a new owner at the last show.  I didn't get a chance to meet them but I trust they're happy together!

The Doctor Is In by Marnie Joy Erickson

Judge Trudy

This beauty went home with a lovely lady at a recent show and I'm now working on three friends to go home with her.

Judge Trudy by Marnie Joy Erickson