Marnie Joy Erickson Artist

Hello!  My name is Marnie Joy Erickson.  I'm a mixed media artist who loves colour, texture and believes a home should be filled with art that makes you happy.  Art matters - it makes a difference in life!  You were uniquely created - why not choose to surround yourself with expressions of remarkable, singular, exceptional you!

Our mood, our outlook, our philosophy: they all benefit from positive art that beckons us toward gratitude, compassion, and innovative thinking about ideas and societal challenges.  

Based out of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta I take note of the natural world.  I love God and marvel at His creation and humour.  Looking through my art you may also have noted I have a special fondness for birds.

Thank you for checking my online gallery out.  If you'd like to see more, please sign up for a ~monthly dose of colour induced happiness in your inbox.

enjoy art