Jewels of St. Michaels

Jewels of St. Michaels

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I had the privilege of living in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico for a month.  There was an organic farmer's market every Saturday just a few blocks away.  I could not resist these babies!  I have had a love affair with Mexico since my first travels many <many> years ago.  Yes, it has spilled over to an infatuation with her radishes!  

Original acrylic painting on 30x30" cradled birch panel.  This painting arrives in an espresso coloured wooden floater FRAME ready to hang.  

This piece was completed using the finest quality Golden Acrylic Artist's paint and mediums.  The rich reds and magentas shine through significant layers of clear gloss.  The gloss does indeed make it challenging to photograph but gives a luminous quality to the colours in person. 

The painting is signed on the front by myself.  May it entice you down to Mexico!

red and magenta radishes from San Miguel de Allende Marnie Joy Erickson
Jewels of St. Michaels by Marnie Joy Erickson in dining room
Jewels of St. Michaels by Marnie Joy Erickson in living room